From Dental School to Publishing – an exciting and mysterious adventure!

While attending the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, I developed a flip chart/picture book for my child patients. King Molar and the Magic Trip was a big hit with the kids and their parents.

Ever since, family and friends have urged me to write a fantasy book about dentistry. They said I had a boundless imagination. That may be, but why did they think I could write a book? Having an imagination is one thing, but putting whose ideas down on paper is quite another. Truth be told, I never enjoyed English or Creative Writing in high school or college. They were necessary requirements to get to where I wanted to go…dental school. I was a science major. English was a big waste of time to me. Oh, how wrong I was. If I could have known back then what I know now.

I politely listened to their words of encouragement, but never acted on them. I was a dentist and private practice keep me busy. I had no time for writing… or more correctly, didn’t take the time to write. Then one day the writing bug hit me. I can’t precisely explain what happened, but the story of Matt Monroe began to bounce around in my head. It literally popped into my conscious mind one day and wouldn’t leave. Any time my mind wandered off or I had a chance to relax, Matt was there. It was as though he demanded his story be told.

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Introducing AllPointsPress and our first adventure with Matt Monroe!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Edward Torba, and I am a general dentist from Latrobe, Pennsylvania. And now, I’m also an author and independent publisher. All Points Press is my publishing house, under which I will publish all of my books about the Adventures of Matt Monroe and hopefully the work of other writers who also have a desire to entertain children with wholesome fantasy stories.  

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